You may not realize it, but a dirty chimney can be a potential hazard for chimney fires and contribute to air pollution. Cleaning your chimney doesn’t have to be a challenge when you hire Chimney Sweep Plus to sweep for you! Our full-service chimney sweeping company has cleaned out chimneys and vents for years! We offer professional chimney cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and chimney repair, as well as the knowledge and experience to keep your family safe and warm and your chimneys running at peak efficiency. We also specialize in:

Chimney Inspection
Chimney Waterproofing
Dryer Vent Inspection
Firebox Repairs

Rain can easily damage fire boxes and erode mortar joints causing causing deterioration and reducing efficiency. However, you can depend on our company to install a high quality chimney cap to protect your chimney from damage. I am a highly trained and experienced chimney sweep technician who is skilled in performing chimney flashing, chimney cap service, chimney damper service, and so much more!

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